Annet Kayongo was born on August 08th 1953 in Kampala, Uganda  and was the third child out of seven children. She was a loving wife to husband Mr.Godfrey Kayongo. They were high school sweethearts together for 48 years and married for 45 years. Together they had 5 biological children but raised so many adopted children along the way because of their love for children. After graduating from college, Annet worked as a secretary in the Ministry of Forestry for several years before venturing into her own private businesses. Annet had a passion for fashion and design, she was a lady of high class, loved to dress elegantly. She worked hard and pursued her dream of becoming a prominent and successful business woman that specializes in bridal and beauty boutiques all over Kampala (Hossana Bridals and Believers Boutiques) 


Annet was a lady with tremendous compassion who inspired so many people and touched a multitude of lives especially of young children. Annet was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in 2001 after a visit to the emergency room intended to check for a  possible infection. This was terribly shocking news, but Annet instead turned to fervently praying that night and by morning she asked her family and friends to fast and pray for seven days for her healing. On the seventh day while still in the hospital undergoing several tests, the medical team would not find the cancer. She was healed!!! She got discharged the same day.

ANNET then set out to seek God’s guidance in finding a new meaning and purpose for this second chance in her life. She then embarked on spreading the word, a first hand account about this miracle of healing, a personal testimony of God’s redemptive mercy that she had received. She started with a crusade in her home village in Nantabulirwa, Mukono district, Uganda. People turned up in very impressive numbers. After the crusade many people were saved but kept coming and yearning for more. This challenged Annet into turning the congregation of believers into a church, hence the founding for the Believers’ Church. But there was an increasing number of homeless and helpless kids that flocked the church, almost always unwilling to leave yet this was steadily becoming a rather disturbing development. Nothing of this sort was ever anticipated nor planned for.  Through investigation, it was discovered that many of the children were orphaned and destitutes with nobody caring for their livelihood, let alone showing any amount of interest in their schooling needs. Annet was moved with compassion and offered to render them a second chance in life, which initiative later transformed into the New Hope For Africa Orphanage. 


Today there are over 200 members of Believers’ Church, and 678 children at the orphanage. The orphanage has grown from the rudimentary adjunct learning arrangement it was at the beginning, to a properly stratified registered school comprising of a kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school sections. Look how amazingly far God’s guidance can lead a servant who is committed and willing to serve Him!!

Annet did not let cancer define her mission or disorient her purpose in serving others. Through her very stressful battle with cancer, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, cyberknife, herbal medication, alternative treatment, she remained focused, determined to care for those who needed to be loved, cared for and provided for. Annet and her husband Godfrey spent their income, their every resource and savings into the orphanage. They closed their successful bridal chain of boutiques to focus on the miserable children’s every need, giving them renewed hope and a new purpose in life.

Annet was called to glory on Sept 1st, 2018 after a long and well-fought battle with cancer for  17 solid years. A life well lived, life with a purpose, a life of serving her God and putting others before herself. 


May she rest in eternal peace.


As we remember and celebrate Annet’s legacy, we are also faced with the challenge of carrying it forward and committing ourselves to meeting the needs of the children that Annet left behind. That’s why we are appealing to all the kind and loving folks to join us in support of upholding Annet’s legacy. To support Annet’s good works in our honest opinion is to support God’s purpose that was intended through Annet’s journey of life. As a true pathfinder, she started from nothing to build and leave behind a legacy. Thanks to her resilient character and deep love, we have a foundation to start from and take her legacy, the embodiment of her sacrifice to another level. We can surely make her proud, as we uphold her legacy to live on. We hold you all in deep trust to stand with and by us on this journey of faith.